Micro-T Study

Microtemporal Processes Underlying Health Behavior Adoption and Maintenance

Funded by NIH/NHLBI U01HL146327

(Dunton – USC, Intille – Northeastern, co-PIs)

Micro-T/TIME study overview presentation

Micro-T/TIME study overview slides

This study, a collaboration between USC and Northeastern University, used real-time mobile technologies to collect intensive longitudinal data in order to examine differences in the micro-temporal processes underlying the adoption and maintenance of physical activity, low sedentary time, and sufficient sleep duration. We are analyzing data we collected in a prospective within-subject case-crossover observational study across a 12-month period among ethnically-diverse, emerging adults (ages 18-29). We gathered intensive longitudinal data using intermittent, real-time self-report and continuous, sensor-based passive monitoring with smartwatches and smartphones, and we are exploring how to use these data to predict within-subject variation in the likelihood of behavior episodes and lapses.

If interested in collaboration using the TIME dataset, please contact usctimestudy@gmail.com  (please include “TIME Study” in the subject line)