Mothers' and Their Children's Health Study (Maternal Stress and Children’s Obesity Risk)
Funded by National Heart Lung Blood Institute Grant R01 HL119255 (Dunton, PI)


(Environmental Exposures, Stress, and Maternal Pregnancy-Related Weight Outcomes)
Funded by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Grant P50ES026086 (Dunton, PI on Project 2)


(Using Context-Sensitive Ecological Momentary Assessment to Investigate Within-Daily Variation in Modifiers of the Effects of Air Pollution Exposure on Children’s Health)
Funded by National Institute on Environmental Health Science P30 ES07048 (Dunton, PI on pilot study)

Mobile Teen

(Using Mobile Phones to Reduce Missing Data in Youth Activity Monitoring Studies)
Funded by National Heart Lung Blood Institute Grant R21 HL108018 (Dunton and Intille, Pls)

Project MOBILE

(Investigating Physical Activity Decision-Making in Real-Time)
Funded by American Cancer Society Grant 118283-MRSGT-10-012-01-CPPB (Dunton, PI)

Project HOPE

(Positive Deviance: Locating High-risk, Healthy Families and Discovering Protective Strategies)
Funded by Charles Heidelberger Pre-doctoral Scholarship Award in Cancer Research (Tate, PI)

EMA Statistical Modeling

(Novel Statistical Models for EMA Studies of Physical Activity)
Funded by National Heart Lung and Blood Institute 1R01HL121330 (Dunton and Hedeker, PIs)

Mobile Healthy PLACES

(Investigating the Impact of a Smart Growth Community of Children’s Physical Activity Contexts Using Ecological Momentary Assessment)
Funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant RWJF 65837 (Dunton, PI)

Mobile Mental Health Study

(Piloting Ecological Momentary Assessment with Adults who have Mental Illness)
Funded by the Southern California Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (Dunton and Henwood, PIs)